March 22, 2013Jeff D'Andre

Whew: Love your playing on Wise Children! I am going to buy some more albums where you were on the date. Any suggestions? You and the great Al Foster are my favs right now.

January 15, 2013Jim McFalls


Man, I totally dig your playing on Walt's "See the Pyamd" recording. Killer! I hope to get a chance to cross paths in the future.

Jim McFalls

December 11, 2012Jared

Hey there Quincy, it's the dude who complimented your chops at your set in TCI today, amazing playing there, love the amazing musicality and feel. Just wanted to tell you again how great the set was and ask a couple questions. First off, is the trad grip simply because you were taught that way, or do you prefer it over matched? And second off, I love the tuning job you did on the fly there, any tips on how to develop your ear like that? Thanks again for the set. - Jared

August 16, 2012Jim Cooper

Hey Quincy: I didn't know you were out of the country. Will check you out at Smalls, at least online. Remember that recording we made in Saugatuck? Let's keep in touch.

August 02, 2012Aki

Hello. I'm Aki Yoshida. I went to Mr. Rosenthal Trio in Okayama, Japan in last month. Do you remember me? I was very happy to be able to meet you and to listen your music!
Anyway, I would like to know the details schedule about KOREA with Young-Joo SOng and David WOngAugust 15, 2012 to August 19, 2012. I want to go to Korea, if possible.

December 08, 2011Donna Tugby

Hey Quincy,

I listened to the track you suggested! Thanks, it was beautiful. Who was the clarinetist again and can I buy a CD? See you at the HANG!

October 28, 2011emi from sasebo japan

I was so enjoy tonight, and that was good experience for me.
Coz tonight is first time that i listen jazz and meet you.
Tomorrow is Hiroshima,right?
You are so busy!!
I hope you enjoy japan tour,keep health,and good luck.
I keep to speak English until see you next time.
Have a gooooood days and goooood vibes!

October 28, 2011Yoshio from sasebo Japan

I enjoyed tonight!
I'm glad to talk with you!
I hope to see you again!
Please give by tour!

July 30, 2011Jacob Shulman

It was a blast playing with you Quincy; I can't wait for the next time we can hang.

December 24, 2010Bill Belasco

Hi, I'm a drummer here in SF and I play with a trombone player named Jules Rowell that is currently writing out all the tunes on the new Walt Weiskopf recording See The Pyramid so I've been studying your drumming. You are GREAT! Can you tell me what brand of drums you're using ? Thanks, Bill Belasco

December 20, 2010Tim Froncek

Hey Q, congrats on teaching gig!

Going to Mozambique with WJQ in May 2011

was looking up South African Jazz Cats on web

and your name and School appointment came up ???

so thought I'd drop you a line. Now back to my search......

later, Tim Froncek

December 03, 2010Joonsam Lee

Hi, Quincy~~
Long time!
How are you? I bet you're busy as always.

I have a gig at Cleopatra's Needle Next saturday night(8 pm ~ 12pm)
Do you think you can play with us?

If you have time, I hope I can get a chance to swing with you.

Please let me know if you can play together.

Thank you.

btw I wish I can ask you by phone, but I don't have your number. Could you tell me your cell number?

September 30, 2010Glenn Lambert

Saw you play in Winnipeg yesterday and was amazed by your technique and musicality. Do you give private lessons? Glenn.

September 25, 2010Marcelo Lima

I saw your performance via webcam at smalls (09/25) congratulations you are GREAT....good luck....I saw you at net in my home in Brazil and i hope to see your performance live .....send me informations.......

August 04, 2010Gregg Olsen

In case the e-mail address was not complete on my earlier message, I am providing it again.

August 04, 2010Dr. Gregg M. Olsen, Professor

Hello Quincy,
I am a Professor of Sociology at the Univesrity of Manitoba. I was delighted to hear that you will be joining our University as a faculty member in our Music Faculty this Fall. Welcome to Winnipeg and to the University! Will you be participating in the the Jazz Summer Camp here in two weeks? My son, Jonah, is a young drummer who knows your work and is very much hoping you will be here. I look forward to meeting you soon.
BTW - I teach a graduate course on the Sociology/Politics of music. Perhaps we wil get to talk about this over coffee some time too.

July 02, 2010Luzinka Vander

Your music is great and I am very happy for your success!!!!

March 09, 2010Share

Where are you performing in Tokyo? Where is bebe?

February 24, 2010Sam Newsome

hi Quincy,
Are you free to play a gig at the Jazz Gallery on Thursday, June 10 with me and Lucian Ban. It's the Romanian-American Jazz Suite. Let me know. Thanks, - S

February 19, 2010Todd Chuba

Q. Just heard you at Voce in Scottsdale Az. Amazing.
I am from Ann Arbor and also attended Interlocen.
Small world. Thanks for the music. Shoot me a email next time you head this way. T.

January 23, 2010Brenda Stripling Nichols

I am an old freind of your Mom and Dad's. Fellow college music majpr with them at KC. I love your site and you too. I am so proud of Duane & K's boy!! If you're ever anywhere near South Carolina (Spartanburg) let me know. Blessings .. Brenda S. Nichols

November 16, 2009brian charette

Hi Quincy. I was a little off last night. It was very difficult to read the music. Sorry. Brian

October 15, 2009Daisuke Kurata

Hey Quincy,

I sent you an email but it returned. I wondered if you get it.

I wrote:

I'll visit to NY from Nov.8 through 12. Actually, I'll stay in Seattle to do some gigs from Oct.28 before coming to NY.If you are in town, let's hang ! I'll stop by Cleo on 8th, I think, or if you have any gigs during my stay, please let me know.--------------------

I just found you will be in Japan, right?

Anyway, if we get a chance, let's hang !

August 27, 2009Eri

Hi Quincy! Your gig at Houston last week was very beautiful session!
I loved jazz. :)
Let me know your future itinerary. I\'ll go to listen your music with my friend!

July 22, 2009Abigail Riccards

Hey Quincy!
It's been a while since I've seen you. I think it was probably a year or so ago sitting in with Mike Kanan at Sophia's.
Anyway, I've been wanting to play with you for a while, and I have a gig coming up at the 55 bar. I was hoping you might be free for it.
Here's the details:
Monday, August 3
Randy Ingram is on rhodes and I'm not sure about the bass yet.
Anyway, drop me a line and let me know

All the best,
Abby Riccards
(718) 986-9132

July 08, 2009Jules Drucker

do you teach

June 15, 2009Hiroyuki Noma

Do you remember {opa) in Shunan city in Yamaguchi.
guitar Mr.Nakagawa
organ Jared Gold
drums Quincy Davis

I was Japanese high school student then.
And I am a university student in Kitakyusyu.
You called me Hiro.
Do you remember me?
Probably you forget it, but do not have any problem.

I doing netsurf.
I discovered it by chance this page.

When you came to Kitakyusyu or Yamaguchi, let's see again.
I look forward to your performance.
I enjoy music now, too.

Bye for now!

p.s : I am glad if I come because I am weak in English.

June 15, 2009Neal Miner

Hey Quincy,

If you can, call my friend Dred for a gig this Thursday, 7 to 11:30 $400 mid town. 347451-4799. Sorry, I don't have your # for some reason, can you forward that to me please. Hope all is well with you, and to see/play soon.

Thanks, Neal

May 22, 2009vocalista

point of correction.Home not Hope.;)

May 22, 2009Hendrick the Vocalista

Hello Drummerlista,Hendrick Vocalista here.just wana say it was nice meeting you and i've learned alot from you wish we had had more time together and learn more.hope to see you soon and possibly work something together.hope you had a save trip hope.Send my love to the rest of the Band!

Much love
Hendrick Vocalista

May 04, 2009Mercy Chirima

Hey Quincy....looked you up today...and laughed my head off when your page popped do look like my friend.... so maybe you do have Zimbabwean
Happy days

April 10, 2009quincy davis

unnatural that a beautiful sound i'm hearing, beautiful. i want to learn more, how can i obtain your music' after you have a wonderful name Quincy Davis Birmingham,Alabama

February 19, 2009D

Q, what' s up big guy? Saw your dad in the GRCC mag about some good stuff he is doing. Tell him "Salminio" is doing well.

Your sister and mom dropped by the house. I was just coming into town and missed them, but my mom says they are doing well.

I also missed you guys in GR for your concert. Was bummed. I always enjoy your music. (You practice, come out and then I whoop you in bball with my famous...err..infamous hook shot!)

I hope you are doing well! Later.

December 02, 2008Charles telerant

Hey Quincy:
Hey "Q", I just wanted to thank u again 4 all the encouragment and kind words because frankly I don't get a lot of it. I quit for 25 years for reasons that as per our conversation tonight I'm sure u understand; u and guys like Lawrence leathers(LL to his friends) keep me going: Keep on because the fact that u don't like the drums so much help u make them something they kinda aren't; a Bonafide musical instrument; Music needs tie much more than a "drummer who loves the drums". Maybe u picked the right instrument after all. - Charles

August 16, 2008david berkman

Do you want to play a gig in a really mediocre spot? Cleopatra's needle. It pays 50 for 3 sets, but the drums are there. I do it because there's a piano. But if you don't wanna make it, no hard feeings. Let me know. it's Thursday the 28 of Aug. 8 to 12 thanks, DB

August 14, 2008Amanda Carr

What fun last night. Thanks for being so cordial. You are so tasteful and I appreciated how you play behind a singer, to boot. With all the overplaying out there, you are refreshing.
I'll be down in the city on Sunday so I'll just miss you at the Kitano. But I hope to catch you soon. I know who I'll be calling when I need a drummer in the city.
Thanks again... and give Gino my best.

Amanda Carr

June 27, 2008Manuel (Gank) Strong

Q, long time no hear. In fact since we graduated from Ottawa. Anyways I got the word from Matt Duncan about your music endeavors. Congrats, your music sounds great..I love it!!. I'm living in Orlando now hit me up sometime. Maybe I can catch one of your shows in Europe

June 06, 2008Bobeen

Hry Quincy.
Thanx for Great Concert in Kiev.

June 02, 2008Terri Pontremoli

Hey Quincy: Terri from Detroit Jazz Fest here....Want to know if you may be able to do an all day workshop at Wayne State July 23....
phone me: 216-469-2478

May 05, 2008Sony Holland

Hey Quincy,

I got your name from Ted Rosenthal. I'm doing a gig @ the Blue Note on 6/15, Father's Day brunch, 12:30 & 2:30. We will rehearse @ Ted's apartment on Friday, 6/13. I noticed you're out of town until 6/12? If you're interested in playing the gig and will be back in time for rehearsal on the 13th will you let me know? Ted Rosenthal is on the gig as is Paul Bollenback. Thanks a million! Sony Holland 415-645-3083 (cell)

April 14, 2008Frank Petrocelli


Don't know if you remember me, but I graduated from WMU grad school in the mid nineties. I live in Harriman NY and teach high school. I saw your website and thought I'd say hello. Take care.


March 29, 2008Constanza navas

Umbakinkin. cun. Tucupaaa. Brrrrrrr
jaja. Keep drrrrrrummmingggggg. superdrummer. Love.

March 24, 2008Andrew

I will be visiting Janus this Thursday to watch you play!
I listened to some of your tracks online, and I think they are magnificent .
Oh, is it possible for you to give me a heads up on what you will be playing this Thursday??
If I dont know the songs, I wanna get to know the songs before I hear them live.
Thanks for your time!

- Andrew

March 23, 2008Barry White with the BBJ Project

I really love what you are doing on the drums it all sounds so smooth . You take the drums to another level.
Barry White
with the
BBJ Project

March 08, 2008sinn yang

OK, never mind, now I saw the locations. See you soon then!

March 08, 2008Sinn Yang

Hey Quincy,
I´m not sure if you remember me. It´s a long long time ago that we met. I was then David Wong´s girlfriend. He told me today that you will be in Korea in March. So am I! I would love to come to your show. Where is it going to take place? Hope to see you there!!!

February 05, 2008goooooooooooooooold

can you make the late night gigi with me tomorrow night (wed) at fatcat. 12.30-4, $60.

January 13, 2008John Powell

Hey Quincy,
John Powell, Bud's son.
I'm co-producing Hiromi's project, Hiromi & O.W.A.S.E. Your name came up when discussing a working band w/Hiromi; David Wong & ~2 more pieces.
Upcoming venues would be Dizzy's, Smoke, Blue Note,
Jazz Mobile & JVC
If interested to know more , please call me at :
(914) 482-5768
God Bless You & Yours

January 06, 2008Kevin Tobler

Quincy... you've been in new york all this time? When's the next gig? Happy New Year, glad to see your still drumming and best of health.

Lesson 42
Three camps


December 30, 2007Belén

Hola, feliz navidad para todos los miembros de eyes wide open.

December 27, 2007Constanza Navas

Hello quincy, I saw your friend randy napoleon last nigh in a crhismas t.v program, music life is so amazing, life itself never stop surprising us, just came back from Miguel Zenon Jam session, we play autumn leaves was so amazing , he plays tomorrow with the rithm collective and he play today with henry cole and Ricky Rodriguez on bass,
i love drumming, meeerrrrry crhistsmas super drummer, i wish to see you on the way, and i wish you a beatifull drum way. peace.

November 25, 2007mi name is Belén in from Zamora. espain,

Hola, yo espero que recibas este mensaje y que me contestes.please. el dia 18 de noviembre en la churreria san juan, creció con vosotros una amistad, y el 19 de noviembre una ilusión.No os olvidaré nunca. Quiero ser tu amiga y conectarme contigo. Espero volar a new york algun dia...!. y volver a veros, este es mi sueño. Gracias por todo lo que me hicisteis sentir,como artistas y como personas.Suerte en la vida. Saludos a todos, os quiero

November 03, 2007Rob Haight

Hi Quincy! It was great to play with you at the Green Mill the other night...You sound wonderful! You were a big inspiration when we were in college and I was a skinny 18 year old kid-and you still are now that I have gained a little weight. Looks like you are doing great things-keep it up and I wish you all the best. Rob Haight

October 31, 2007dean sharp

hey just hit me, why i know played GREAT on my buddy greg glassman's record. i actually missed seeing you guys a few times due to my touring schedule, but that CD sounds beautiful!!
looking forward to this 19"sig.....seems i BUY as many as they GIVE me.....scott gets a laugh outa that!
be blessed....hope to run into you sometime.....d#

September 16, 2007Constanza Navas

just to say hello. Hug from the caribbean, Working hard for recording and graduate from university, i will finish Music performance in one year more...Uffff! and then...
who knows.
Kiss man. Wish you a happy music travel.

August 29, 2007Alexander Dore


PE was some fun

August 24, 2007Lerato

Just wanted to say I really like the page and the music goes really well the page.
How are things going?

August 09, 2007Joshua Hunt

Wow, brother. Smokin!!!
I was listening to XM radio in the car, and Vincent Gardner came on (Mo Joe). I had no idea who the drummer was...but I was so moved by the playing that I had to find out. Thanks for the beautiful music. I currently attend the University of Illinois as a doctoral candidate in jazz studies. I'm currently taking lessons with Dana Hall. I'd love to get a lesson with you if you are ever close to the Champaign-Urbana area.
Thanks again. Love your playing.
Joshua Hunt

July 31, 2007Rodmire Taylor - Smith

Hi Quincy
I like the Anthen for Peace. Its really cool.

July 29, 2007Lerato

We met at Cleopatra's needle last week, and I thought I'd just say it was nice meeting you. I am going back to London but it would be cool to keep in touch.
Take care Lerato
p.s I'm the professional African professional dancer from South Africa who's dad is a musician.
Check out my website on

July 02, 2007Kandie Webster


I also wanted to say that I recognize your website as being set up similarly to those of Johnathan Blake's and Martin Bejerano's. Dynamod (?) does good stuff!

Kandie Webster

July 02, 2007Kandie Webster (jazzylover59)

Hi Quincy...Love your name. I just wanted to say 'Hi' and introduce myself. I just heard (finally!) that you are playing drums in Russell Malone's quartet for the CD release party at 'Jazz At The Bistro' in St. Louis. Congratulations on that gig.

I am profile editor for Russell's page on I am putting your name on Russell's tour page for those dates as part of the personnel along with Danny Grissett on piano, and my breakfast buddy in Oakland, Tassili Bond on bass. You can find out more about me on that site also if you are interested.

"Jazz Requires Much Passion!" ~~ Kandie Webster / jazzylover59

June 21, 2007Katherine Miller

I'm assuming since I haven't heard from you that
I don't need to leave any days open to mix Young Joo.
Hope you're having a good trip!
See ya,

May 29, 2007Blair

Hey Quincy!

Never heard back from you..I left a messsage the other day on your voicemail.....

I would like to see Steely Dan in Detroit on June 4th,and Carolyn Leonhart is signing backups....

Do you know her well enough to ask her if she could hook me up with a pair?

I have been getting some OLD A Zildjians..actually hand hammered!

Are you ever looking still or are you good?

Glad to see you are tearing it up on the road worldwide! You have earned it....

Best Regards,Blair

May 12, 2007Michael S. Doyle

Like to hear from you. Give a hollar.


May 08, 2007Mr. Cha'Ron A. Bradley

THIS IS GREAT!! Keep up the great work and sound.

April 25, 2007gospel

i was mavelously inspired by your perfomance in nigeria hope to see` and hear from tou again .

April 24, 2007patricia

Hey Quincy, it was great to meet you... I would really like to see/hear you guys again. Who knows, maybe you come back, or íll drop by NYC... hopefully there will be more time to get to know you better, and maybe play a little. Anyway, just wanted to let you know that I really really enjoyed your concert and master class... great performance! So, just wanted to say hello, good luck, n´ have fun :) ok? Chao!

April 10, 2007Noelle Wright-Young

Hey Quincy! Truly a pleasure meeting you in Cameroon. If you don't make it out here again before I leave, I will definitely come check you out in New York. Please give the rest of the gang a hug for me. And keep doing what you do. It's banging! (And yes, the pun is intended.) ;o)

April 06, 2007Max Colley III

Yo man,
How are you? I'm trying to keep up with your recordings. I see your going out with Printup. Tell him hey. I just saw him a few weeks ago. I may be out with Wess in may, if so I'll give you a call. God bless

March 27, 2007Jeff

You are a phenomenal craftsman. Would you consider giving a lesson or two when you're in Los Angeles?

March 21, 2007jean pierre godosolo

hi quincy
you gave me so great impressions here at the insaac music school. realy decided to share with you that project of african traditional rythm.

March 15, 2007Doug Pierce

Hey man Doug Pierce here, give me a hollar and let me know your availability in April and May because I really want to try and get you on this recording provided that I can afford you. However if it doesn't work out I want to still bring you out this way for some dates in the very near future. Give me a shout asap and let me know.
Doug Pierce

March 15, 2007Merveille

Hello Quincy! you are wonderful; i enjoy your show in Cameroon and i would like to ear your voice and your instruments another time.

March 13, 2007Nesmine

Hello Quincy
very happy to write this mail
congratulations for your show in Douala-
Cameroon.Hope to read from you very soon!!
take care

March 06, 2007Chuks Ezeilo

Hello Quincy,
Just checked out your site. Was nice having you guys playin in Abuja (Cultural Center)... even tho i got in late, 'cos of work... A real nice break from MTV and West African Idols! Have you guys looked at I did a compilation of some African artistes, and you can listen to it or buy a copy from the site. I'm about to overhaul the site, tho..

My friend, Six foot plus's site is down at the moment, but you can still see it here.. . I did that one too..
Have a pleasant trip/ pleasant trips on your African tour.
Chuks (Engineer/Web designer/Piano player)

February 28, 2007Jacquelene Gayle

Does my name ring a bell? Hey Quincy, I still see you are doing wonderful things with your talent and life. I've never forgotten you and I know you are away right now but I hope that all is truly well with you.

Jacquelene -
OSPAC- body and soul~

February 23, 2007nobu asano

We all enjoyed the music very much last night.

Have a nice trip to Africa.

Let's play again.


February 16, 2007Matt Duncan

What up Quincy. Hope all is well. I'm droppin' you a line to get your mailing address so I can send you a cd of some of my current projects. I saw that you are going to be in West Palm Beach in a month or two. My wife and I are going to try to make the show. West Palm is about an hour and a half north of Miami, so it's doable. If you make down to Miami while you're in South Florida hit me up. Alright bro. Be easy.

Matt aka Choppy

February 04, 2007Andy

Hey how's it goinjg? I just wanted to say I really liked your sound. I have one question to ask of you, what kind of things are they looking for at college music auditions? I"m a junior in HIgh School and thinking about going to school for percussion performance. I'm better at the drumset than the snare, although I know the rudiments. Should I play something simple or complex?

February 02, 2007moana

quincy, you look good^^
i miss the time when we were walking in manhattan.
when can we meet? someday?^^
you know i liked you actually...but not ready for making a go with you..:)

January 28, 2007Gregory May Jr

Hello old friend,
First and foremost let me say may GOD continue to bless you. I spoke to Matt this evening and he told me he spoke with you, I was just thrilled to hear about you. I am a big jazz fan and would love to hear more of your music. This Anthem for Peace is real nice. When you get a chance hit me up.
Greg May Jr.

January 13, 2007Rob Shook

Quincy -

It was good seeing you last Saturday evening in Detroit. It was good to catch up. I wish you continued success and please let Kim and I know when you will again visit the Detroit area. We will also make sure to get in touch with you when we visit NY.

Keep in touch.

January 07, 2007Jon-Erik Kellso

Yo Quincy--who is on the Anthem for Peace-? nice track! Nice website! Hope to play with you sooner than later.

December 28, 2006Mike Melito

Hi Quincy
I met you in Rochester NY when you were playing with Mark Elf and my man Phil Flanigan. I was the drummer who sat in front. I just wanted to say it was so nice to meet and hear you! You were such a pleasure to talk to. You're a class act all around! I like your site and hope to see you up here or in NYC! best Mike Melito

December 11, 2006Kristi Correa

Hey quincy,
Remember me? WMU? Just wanted to wish you a Feliz Navidad. Congradulations on your on going career.. All good with me and my family.

November 16, 2006FUNAHASHI,KOJI

Quincy, I really enjoyed to watch your playing:very contemporary and flexible style.
See you sometime in TYO or NYC. Good luck!!

October 04, 2006Dave Stryker

Hi Quincy
It was great to meet and play with you the other night at the River Room with Jared Gold. You sound great and I hope we play again soon. All the best
Dave Stryker

September 20, 2006carl

you're the best man. absolutely love ya.

September 08, 2006Nana

Hey Quincy,

Just stopping by to say hello and get my monthly "Anthem for Peace" fix. You still in the neighborhood? Hopefully I can check you out sometime this fall.


August 31, 2006Otis Brown III

Yo QUincy!! Killing site brother!! You're a seriously bad cat and this is a bad site. Congrats man. Take care and hopefully we'll get to hang soon....God bless

August 26, 2006Doug Pierce

Hey Quincy glad to hear and see that you're doing great. I remember the District 211 gig we did about three years ago. Any way man I've been living in Columbus Ohio. Shawn Wallace and I were just talking about you a few days ago and I just happened upon your web site. Man save travels with all the upcoming gigs and please stay intouch.


August 25, 2006Nate Cavalieri

Quincy --
Its only been, what, 11 years? Good to encounter your name while looking through listings in NYC and wanted to look you up. I'm living on the West Coast, which my girlfriend of 8 years, working as a writer for a bunch of magazines mostly about music and travel. I still play often, though for recreation. I'm going to be in NYC twice this fall, once near the end of September and once during the first week of November, and I will try to catch one of your gigs. It sounds lovely.
All best,
Nate Cavalieri IAA 95

ps - So what was up with John Alferi's breath, anyway? And what the hell happened to that Kevin Tobler character?

August 23, 2006Adam Niewood


This site looks great, these Dynamod sites are really nice.
Question - who is playing Clarinet on "Anthem for Peace"? He/She sounds really nice.

It would be cool to get together again... play maybe.

C U soon ...


August 17, 2006Andy Szumowski

Yo Q -
Hey man, gotta make it quick. I'm putting a recording session together to try to fish for some gigs....any suggestions on cheap places? I'd be most appreciative. Hope you're well, I'm sure you are, though.

August 02, 2006Ben Bilello

Hey Quincy, nice site man. I hope all is well and hope to see you again soon. -Ben

July 31, 2006jlj

hey you sexy mofo.

that's all i've got for now.

July 10, 2006valerio della fonte

Hello Quincy,

how are you? how was the flight back to U.S.?
I only wont to say to you that for me has been a wonderful experience to meet you and to play with you and your brother Xavier, I appreciate your great playing and your nice disposition.
I hope that you too enjoyed this experience with me and Felice, and I really hope to see you soon and to play with you again

I wish you all the best

Ciao, Valerio

June 22, 2006brita

hey quincy, don't know if you remember me from IAA, but could you add me to your email list for upcoming shows, if you have one? best, brita siepker (creative writing, iaa '96)

June 06, 2006jonny perkins

bitch write me back!!!!! Where you been?!?!?!?!? Have you spoken to Cax recently? I was out in Chicago not too long ago and we got together. I wrote you on MySpace too!!!

June 05, 2006Camilla Sanders

Awesome site! Anthem for Peace is beautiful as well. It was great seeing you last weekend. Miss you already. XO, Camilla

May 29, 2006Natalie Wallace

Hey Q! Haven't heard from you in a while. Check out my myspace for current pics! aight...much love!

May 26, 2006hi

hi this is johneshia just was writting you to say you have a nice page catch you later maybe you can visist mine give me a few pointers. thank you johneshiA smith

May 11, 2006Rale Micic

Hey Quincy - nice site. great tunes!

May 04, 2006JJ

I just wanted to be at the top of the guestlist on The Amazing Quincy Davis' website!

April 25, 2006Ethan Nickerson

Hey, the site looks good - great music. I just got off the phone with your pop - I think we're both kind of curious when "the opie factor" is going to hit the streets... Anyways, I'm doing the band thing, it's been going well so far - our first album will be done soon, I want to send you a copy.
take care.

April 16, 2006MICHELLE JOAN


April 10, 2006Masa

Hey,Quincy! How have you been?
This is Masa.Do you remember me?
I'm in Japan and do my stuff everyday.
Well....I'm looking for a thin 22 inch cymbal.
What weight is the standard to chose?
I hope to hear from you soon. Thanks.

March 31, 2006Jacquelene Gayle

Hey Quincy I love your site. Its so innovative and cool because you've put your personality into it.
Keep succeeding hehe ;-)


March 25, 2006Reshma Alva

Hi Quincy,

I'm planning a surprise belated b-day party for U and his mom, as he bought her a ticket to come here for her 70th b-day. It's on April 19. Can you please send me you and your brother's email addresses, along with anyone else you think I should invite? I can't find anyone's info

Thanks and see you soon.

March 19, 2006Alicia (Baca) Broner

Just wanted to drop you a line and say "awesome!" I'm thrilled to see and hear things are wonderful with you. I always knew you would go far, If you are ever in Denver, drop me a line. I would love to see you perform again. I kick myself for missing an opportunity back in 2001 when you were in Boston. Take care, kiddo!

March 18, 2006Jonna

Qunicy Davis, My main man. You're livin' the Dream! I'm so excited for you! I don't suppose you're still single?!?!

March 14, 2006Farnell Newton

What's good Q? It's good to see you doing well. It's been a long time since the Oberlin Detroit days. Check me out when you get a chance.

March 08, 2006Victor

Good luck getting that international trio together. Look forward to hearing about it. Nice site, too!

February 23, 2006D. Wong

been listening to Anthem for Peace for the past hour. Whose idea was it to have such a mellow sound for your site ? Brilliant.

February 23, 2006Saba

Nana has been after me to take a look at your site and I finally did today. Hearing your piece added such a nice warmth to my day. The site, your work, and you are phenomenal! Wishing you all the best,.... Saba

February 20, 2006Kaye Davis

Hi Q, I love Anthem For Peace. Is this the piece we were playing during the holidays? Just looking at your site again.
I enjoy it very much. LOVE. mom

February 07, 2006Doug Downer

Hey Quincy.

My name is Doug and I'm taking one of your fathers classes at CC, jazz in contemporary america. It's been a joy and honor to have him as a teacher, he has begun to open my ears to jazz more than ever before. I see that you graduated from Western, my friend Spiro is a jazz studies major, he plays the set there. I'm going to CMU in the fall for music ed. I really like the song "anthem for Peace" that plays on your site. Also, I saw you taught in Grand Rapids for a year, what school did you teach at? Anyways, the website looks great, and I like your sound and style, it's very tasty. Hope all is well!


February 04, 2006jason chatman

Quincy - A huge Shout from G.R. and the old Ridgemoor neighborhood! The site is very nice - extremely easy to navigate and a great way to keep up with you. Thank you for sharing your talent.

February 01, 2006Sinead looney

I really enjoyed the site!

January 31, 2006Ho Ho

Hey Q, Nice digs. Looks great, my dear, and it was great to see you in Manhattan a few weeks back. I look forward to more good news from you as time goes on. Tchau, querido, Holly Holmes

January 30, 2006Quincy

Thanks you so much for all of your kind and encouraging words. It's nice to feel the love and support from so many people. My email is in case you want to get in touch with me.
I'm working on putting up a links page so that I can link your websites up to mine. It would be great if you linked me up to your site..
And FYI, the person on made the previous guestbook entry, HAMMER(James Danderfer), is that man behind the beautiful clarinet playing you are listening to if you still have the sound on to this site. Yup, he's a bad boy:)
Feel free to send a shout out to him or to anyone else you feel like hollaring at. I don't care what you say, just keep clean:)

January 30, 2006Hammer

My man, you'll be happy to know that your site loads perfectly well in China, allowing 1.3 billion more people to experience the force that is Q. Now, where's the QD bands' debut release? Don't leave us hangin!

January 29, 2006Demetrios Dallis

Q...I tried to get on your guestbook, but it looks like my computer is having issues. In any case, the website looks great! Nice work. These websites take an enormous amount of time and resources and everyone can tell that this is done with quality, like you and your music. We need to catch up when your around. Peace from Chi-town big guy. By the way, I can still do my running hook shot on you in addition to whooping you at tennis. :) DD--

January 29, 2006Hitomi Tsuchiya

Bravo to your website! I hope many more people will get to know you and your music through here. Your musical world is unpretentious and honest... it is open for everyone to be a part of it. - BB

January 28, 2006Uncle Gerald & Aunt Gwen

Congrats on a great website! We're extremely proud of you and all of your accomplishments.Keep making great music,We love you.PEACE!

January 28, 2006Kaye Davis

Hi Q, I love your website. Dad told me about it. I like being able to view your schedule, who knows, I may show up at any of your gigs anywhere in the world now. You'll be playing and all of a sudden look out into the audience and I can hear you "Oh my God there's mom." (smile) Isn't technology wonderful just the way your are. LOVE,mom

January 28, 2006Duane Davis

This is a well-done site. Really quite slick. I glad that you finally have a web site.

More than any of that .... I am so proud to be you Dad.

Peace and love,


January 28, 2006moana

good on you ;) and happy new year. drop by my website as well.^^

January 26, 2006Constanza Navas

Que pasa negrito. Suuuuper buena la pagina.
Besos desde Borinquen y pa'lante hermanito.
Que la vida te siga abriendo caminos.
A yemaya , corazon de Chango . Obatala Obatala.
Ache pa ti. Que todos tus ancestros te cuiden ,
Y que los Orichas bendigan tu almita . Africa.

January 26, 2006Natalie Wallace

Q, the site is lookinig great. Really am enjoying the smooth sounds of your music. It's good to finally hear you play again. Nice to finally lay eyes on you again in the photos.

January 25, 2006Julia Birch

Hey Q!

Your site looks great!! More pics! :) They look so good with this background...the colors really pop. I felt really proud to read all of those marvelous accomplishments. Keep up the greatness!

January 25, 2006Xavier Davis

That's my little bro'! :-)

January 25, 2006j.d. allen

yeah homeboy!!!!!!!!

January 25, 2006Ryb-sticky

Yeah Q- looks great....

January 25, 2006Duncan W. McMillan


It is nice to hear from you.
Congratulations on the launch of your website.
Perhaps one day we will see each other again before this
journey is over...

Until next time - take care,

January 25, 2006Lyman

This is nice, really nice. You program this yourself? Just kidding bro. The site looks great, congrats.

January 25, 2006walter smith III

what can i say man? congratulations on the site. between that track and the color scheme i was casually very relaxed while looking through the site. but really...congratulations on your accomplishments, and you sound great as always...hope that great things continue to come your way in the future...

January 25, 2006T. Mitchell

Hey Quincy. The site looks/sounds great. Congrats! I'll see you guys at Smoke on Sunday. Peace

January 25, 2006K.Wimbley-Brodnax

Hey QD---Beautiful man. 'Anthem for Peace' makes me think of Ellison:
"In the swift whirl of time music is a constant, reminding us of what we were and of that toward which we aspired. Art thou troubled? Music will not only calm, it will ennoble thee." --'Living with Music', Shadow and Act

January 25, 2006Carolyn Leonhart-Escoffery

Congrats on the site! It's a perfect combination of EZ and SLICK.- Bravo! See u @ Smoke-

January 25, 2006Jason Campbell

Site looks great Quincy-Congrats-I look forward to hearing you again

January 25, 2006Enoch J. Strickland

Great site, dude!! This is a great way to stalk you on your gigs and steal some of those great licks you're playin'!! Keep swingin'!! E........

January 25, 2006Jaleel Shaw

Congrats on the new site man! - LEEL

January 25, 2006Victor

I like the site playboy!! But what up wit u forgettin' to leave a shout out to the big "O"?

January 25, 2006D Gibson

Very nice, Quince...looks beautiful.

January 25, 2006Jimmy Greene

Great site, Q !! Nice work --

January 25, 2006Jeremy Pelt

Diggin' the site...

January 25, 2006Myron

congratulations on a great site...
Keep doin' it bro.